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We specialize in providing high end statistical data on football (soccer) players, teams and matches.

Our data covers the Scottish Football League, Football League and Scottish Premier League. We record a large amount of variables from the soccer matches which include: passes (Success / fails), shots, defense (success, fails, recovery, blocks), player duels, fouls and errors that lead to a goal. Whilst that is a short summary of the data we collect, the hard part is sorting that data into relevant information to help with soccer predictions. Our in house analyst tools allow you to create, sort by and use ‘off the shelf’ filters to turn selected data into useful information. Start your player or team search today by registering an account.


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Easy To Use

FootballDataCo's tutorial system will help you through each step of the process from registering an account to starting your first filtered search. We have made it very easy for anyone to naturally pick up on how the system works and suggestive hints and recommendations to ease your filtering and selection process.

FootballDataCo Brief Overview Of The Data We Collect:

Number of goals, shots, passes, forward passed and the number of success or failures.

Both for defending and attacking:

Number of shots attempt before a goal, amount of passes leading to successful or failed goals. Number of successful / failed passes.

Number of opponent passes.

Passing accuracy, penalties, blocked shots, successful ball recovery / tackles.

Search, Filter and Compare

We have a lot of football match / player data and without an analytics programs it would be extremely hard to find any relevant information. Luckily we have worked very hard on perfecting our in house analytics program which allows you to search teams and players, apply your own custom filters and compare many soccer stats for each player / team. You can also create custom scenarios where based on certain inputs you can plot the likelihood of a player or teams outcome. For more information or to give it a go yourself, register an account and follow the email instructions.

In the news:

Common Soccer Injuries & Recovery Time

Stranraer VS Livingston (5 to 2) - Stranraer ahead by 3 goals on the first leg of the championship soccer semi-final.

Several players not known to us yet, might be leaving the Paisley club this summer, in preparation for the next season.

Clyde VS Elgin City (3 to 1) - Clyde comes out ahead by 2 goals in the semi-finals of the Ladbrokes League 1.

Dundee United VS Dundee - Dundee United deranked as they lose 2 to 1 to Dundee.

Ladbrokes Championship Peterhead VS Ayr United in the play offs.

Ladbrokes League 1 Clyde VS Elgin City in the play offs.

The Ladbrokes Championship and League 1 play-offs start on the 3rd of May.

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